In both classrooms, curriculum along with their ABLLS-R protocol is followed and modified to the learning style of the student. Multiple teaching techniques are employed to promote the acquisition of academic, social and communication skills. Multi-sensory materials and visual aides help each child progress through the curriculum. Enhancing self-esteem and building appropriate behavior continue to be an important part of both classrooms.

Children are grouped together primarily by receptive language and learning readiness, although expressive language levels and styles may vary.

Early Learners Classroom – The Early Learners classroom is for students ages 2-5. This classroom focuses on language acquisition, pre academic skills, following a school routine, complying with classroom demands, social interaction, imitation, sensory regulation, self-help skills and behavior modification. Children in the early intervention class learn to work in small groups and follow simple instructions.

Level 1 Classroom – The Level 1 classroom is for students ages 5-12. This classroom focuses on intervention in academics, language, sensory, fine and gross motor and social/play skills. Each child receives at least one half hour daily of 1:1 intervention in each skill area. Emphasis is on increasing social skills, language and working independently.